I’m from Kedah, the rice bowl of Malaysia. My father is a full time farmer and I’m sometimes help my father with his work. That’s why, I’m very grateful in every penny that I earn and work extra hard on it.

My hometown

Since a child, my hobbies is to read book including comic and journals. But the most passionate thing that I’m into was computer. I always amaze with computer and how awesome it was to learn on how to use it. During that time, it hard to learn computer or even has one. So, I went to my neighbour house to learn on how to use the computer. I remember the first letter I type and holding it too long and it output aaaaaaaa.

Then, I’m in highschool and there I got many chance to learn how to use computer. Finally my father has enough saving to buy me a computer. There I was. I was on the computer for 2 days straight learning on how to create a website using Frontpage and creating animated drawing with flash.

With all that, I have decided. I will becoming a programmer and also helping others to learn how to code.

Now, I’m working at IIUM as IT Officer. Before that, I was IT Developer for Hewlett Packard. I’m also become teaching assistant to teach undergraduate to write code in Web Technologies class. Furthermore I’ve became a freelance tutor for any university student. You can check my profile here. UNIVERSITY TUTOR

That’s my story.