8 Habits of Highly Effective People

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I have gone through training on the 8 habits of highly effective people and would like to share to others. I found this habits is necessary to become effective and go through happy life. The training is based on Stephen Covey books.

HABITS 1: Be Proactive

To be proactive is by taking responsibility to make things happen. The negative should be put aside and do what you can control. Example is if you need to be somewhere, don’t have excuse instead taking action by taking alternative ways such as taking Grab or Taxi. The Reactive people always feel victimized and blaming others. This is due to the environment that they use to. “If you could carry the whether with you, you could have a good day, no matter what comes your way”. The formula is Doa, Usaha, Tawakal

HABITS 2: Begin with the End in Mind

When starting something, you must have vision for it. The path that you chose will follows you. Think deeply on what you want to achieve.


This habits tell you to focus on the importance first. Fix the big problem first then the small problem can be done easily. A video below can help to understand this concept.

Jar of Life


Win-win is where you collaborate with others. Be mindful and work the problem with mutual benefits. With collaboration, the work become easy. Like in Malay Phrase: “Bersatu kita Teguh, Bercerai kita Roboh”

HABITS 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

This habits trains on your listening skills. To be empathic listener, the listener must have emphatic toward the speaker. Do not rush on your own conclusion or solution. Listen carefully the problem with heart and mind.

HABITS 6: Synergise

It’s not my way or your ways, but it’s our ways. We must work together to achieve more. Single person can’t do everybody jobs.


Renew yourself regularly. In body, mind, heart and soul. Keep read and educate yourself.

HABITS 8: From effective to Greatness

Work on your talents and the one that fuels your passion. This habits tied on 4 intelligence’s – Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental.

Training on 8 habits of effective people at IIUM Damansara
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