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  1. Basic thing in reading is to know how to read. I started with viewing the list of content first and finding he topic that interest me.

Then, I started with introduction. Well, it because the introduction always have a persona on it. It also the started of writer work and it might give some insight on what the writer want you to learn from his/her book.

Finish with introduction, I continue with the one that interest me the most. Why??? Because if you want to read, it must be interesting to you. Otherwise you will be bored to read. Unless you are reading novel like Game of Thrones. That one, you do need to sit and read it one by one.

After that just continue with the second one that interest you. You don’t need to read the whole book, just read the thing that interest you the most. If it building your curiousity then it time to start reading the whole book. Otherwise, it OK. Just find another book. It what you learn from the book is the matters most.


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