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It’s been a month and half I have been tutor for the university and also freelance. In the university I teach Web Technologies for undergraduate students. The course consist of HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery including API.

The first thing I teach them is the HTML with the basic tags like heading, subscript, paragraph and span. Then I move to the layout with the CSS as I believe when learning HTML you need to learn the CSS in between, like I did.

For the quiz I gave them to create a html page that follow below design.

They will be able to learn on how to use layout efficiently and the basic CSS.


During weekend I’m embark on a journey to become a freelance tutor. Now I have 1 student which I’m helping to learn the PHP programming. I’m grateful to the God to have given me a chance to become tutor. I’m planning to improve my teaching skills to help more people onward.

This is my profile in UNIVERSITYTUTOR.COM


My charge is based on hours. RM20/hours and you can contact me at [email protected] or my phone no 017-572 8145 to set up an appointment.

So below are the quote from Steve Jobs that I really like. Knowledge is important and the one with knowledge are responsible in building a good future for mankinds.

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