Google MAPS

Google Maps is excellence way to show your location. Interactive map will allow your users to remember your location. To use Google Maps by Latitude and Longitude you just need to sign up for Google Developer. Go to the API Menu and search Google … Continue readingGoogle MAPS

CSS Login Mockup

So, here is the example of the login page using custom CSS. You can check on the demo how it look. I included here the CSS. HTML + CSS (DEMO) CSS body { margin: 0px; font-family: Roboto, sans-serif; } .triangle { border-top: 50vh solid transparent; … Continue readingCSS Login Mockup

AJAX Example

Anyone want example of AJAX Javascript. You can check out this link This example is using GET method. I created this for my quiz. Example 1 – Resource HTML Solution: Javascript Example 2 HTML + JAVASCRIPT There also tutorial on the AJAX POST. Below … Continue readingAJAX Example