How to use Git and create a Github Pages

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So I created a tutorial for using Git and how to created Github pages.

Below are the video hosted in Youtube

I listed here the command to use and the meaning of it.

git clone
This command is to clone the remote repositories to your local. It's like downloading from the Github or Gitlab to your own environments. 
git pull
This commands help to pull/get the updated version from remote server(Github/Gitlab) 
git add .
This command helps to adding all your changes in your local. The dot means all the files is added to changes.
git commit -m "You commit message"
This command means to add comment/message to your committed files. Run this once you think it required. Try to git pull first before to check your local is updated to the remote or not. 
git push -u origin master
Git push means that you want to push the changes from your local to remote(Github/Gitlab). Once you push you will see the changes inside your Github or Gitlab pages. 
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