A study on Effectiveness in using Continuous Integration and Deployment for Software development

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In the current age, all software development process is cut short. The system is being release every three to six months instead of a year and with the disrupt of technology the process also changes quite often. There a lot of repositories that contain library build by community of developer to be used and shorten the need to build it from scratch. Now the deployment and integration are popular topic in helping the developer to help them in their work.

Continuous deployment is the method in deploying software into live site which is production as quickly and iteratively as permitted by agile software development. There are four key elements of continuous deployment which stated as below:

1. Updates of software are kept as small and isolated as reasonably feasible
2. They are deployed once the testing is completed
3. Developer is responsible to deploy without the need permission on tester team
4. Deployment is fully automated.

This practice allows thousands of updates to push in production in a day

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